For someone who seems to never stop talking, I sure have struggled with this bio. 

I started this whole journey sooooo many years ago when I was in middle school. I BEGGED my dad to let me use some of my savings (only to be used for special occasions and the rest for graduation/college) for my first camera. It was my DREAM to be a photographer. 

At that age most people go through many DREAMs, but for me that was it. Through high school a camera was attached to my hand all the time. I taught myself everything I know off a simple point and shoot Canon. (I've always been a Canon Girl)

I tried the college life, it wasn't for me. I didn't want to sit through all these classes on art history and math... Little did I understand how much a business degree was helpful to running a great photography studio. So I started booking clients. First Seniors and Couples, then a few weddings, Families and Kids... But it never felt RIGHT. 

I was a bit downtrodden to think that my DREAM wasn't fulfilling my Passion. So I took years off and worked a regular job and hated every minute of it. I knew photography was the answer!

In 2016, I picked up my camera again and started the same way. Clients were families and kids and couples, and again I was left wanting more. So I began looking into all the photography possibilities from still life to stock to product. Nope it wasn't it. I loved shooting but it still didn't fulfill this deep seated NEED to accomplish something wonderful with photography. 

But never fear, that summer I asked my best friend to pose for me. I had been told on several occasions that my best work was with couples and seniors and the women always looked AMAZING. So I looked into Boudoir Photography. This was possible, and it fit my stronger work.

After 2hours of goofing off and sipping wine, and of course shooting, I was HOOKED. This was it! I was completely in love with the whole process!

In January 2017, I had my own done. And I learned WHY I loved it so much! I wasn't "prepared" (I didn't work out or loose weight) and I was completely nervous until I saw the images! I fell head over heels in love with myself. Not this I accept who I am BLAH. I truly got to see myself in a way I always dreamed I could see myself as a woman. You can read all about it HERE

I am a BOUDOIR photographer because I want to see that light in every woman's eyes when they SEE themselves. To hear them say, "I can't believe that's me! I love them!" is all I want! 

My sole purpose in photography is to make a difference, and I have found that in boudoir!

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