Your Experience

Unique as you

Each session is tailored to the client. 

What you get out of your session really depends what you put into your session, which is why each experience is different. 

I am a full service photographer. This means I walk you through each phase of the process and design products specifically for you. Products include folio boxes with prints and custom design albums. 

 Each experience begins with a consultation. Usually done in person or over the phone to give us a chance to get to know each other and determine the creative direction your session will take. 

I offer wardrobe assistance and a guide to help you choose the right lingerie for your personality AND body. Not all bodies are the same and not all personalities are equal, so it is imperative to choose what is right for you. 

I also set you up with wonderful women who will help you prepare yourself for your session. From skin care to professional hair and make-up. You will be pampered and treated like a goddess. 

During the session I will help you choose each outfit as well as coach you through the posing. We will laugh and dance and just chat during this time. You will be in the best of hands all day!

We will then sit down for your viewing and purchasing session to determine how you want to share and display your images. The possibilities are limitless!

Session Fee $350 includes all the above!

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