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"I was born to make mistakes"

Can you imagine going to a public area and stripping down... for photos?

Well this lovely lady did just that!

I love when clients bring some badass ideas to the table. And when it's something of a challenge or new experience... well babe, sign me up!

We met at a local car park in Murfreesboro.. obviously made sure we were there in a low access time of day, and stripped down.

My theory for sessions like this is rip the band-aide off. It's a lot like being in your swimsuit for the first time of the year.... deep breath and just go for it. Jump in quick. Cause really, once your pants are off... what's the worst that can happen?

A. has always been my idea lady. She comes in either with the ideas or says "yes!" to the crazy ideas I've got running around in the ol' noggin.



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