Siren Call  FAQs

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1. What is BOUDOIR?

Boudoir is about confidence and embracing who you are. As far as baring skin, you don't have to. Embracing your beauty comes with shedding the societal expectations placed on women and embracing our sexuality as it is completely freeing and empowering. 

2. What is included in my complementary session?

  •  Pre-session consultation

  •  Wardrobe Guide

  •  Prep Information

  •  Pro Hair and Make-up by Aphrodite's Allure MUA

  • 2 hour session with Silverpoint Boudoir

  • 1 hour photo reveal and order session

3. What do I wear?

       Anything you feel confident and sexy in. So your comfort level is up to you. I provide information on great pieces for your body and where you can buy the best items. We do offer a few pieces in our Client Closet but we recommend you purchase something that will fit you. 

4. How long until I get to see my images?

       We offer same day reveals! After your session you will be able to go out and grab lunch and take a 2 hour break while we choose the best images and do simple corrections on your images before you return and see them. You will then be able to order your digital images or products. 

5. Are images included?

        No. Your session and hair/make up ($350 value) are complementary in exchange for your model release for us to use your images. Silverpoint Boudoir reserves the copyright to all images. 

        You will however be able to purchase any products you wish during your reveal/order appointment. Investment in images and products begin at $700. 

6. Do you have payment plans for purchasing products?

 Absolutely! We have 3 - 6 month payment options. Please note that products will not be ordered until your full payment has been received. 

7. How long until I receive products?

Once your full payment has been received, your digital images can be downloaded within 48 hours. All other products are typically 2-3 week turn around. 

8. What if I need to reschedule?

 Due to the limited time offer for this opportunity, any reschedules will require a full session payment of $350 as we will need to reschedule outside of our open June dates. 

9. How will my photos be used?

 A Siren Call is a search for strong confident women who don't mind their images being used for marketing. Aphrodite's Allure MUA and Silverpoint Boudoir will be using these images for promotion and social media content. 

Detailed images containing your face will be used to display Jalessa's artistry. Silverpoint reserves the rights to use images for any on line or print marketing. We do understand these are intimate images regardless of the intention of using these images and will be considerate of privacy when using them for promotional purposes. 

10. When will my session take place and how long does it last?

 If chosen you will be able to choose a date in June. We have several available. All sessions will take place during business hours. Hair and Make up begin at 8am and photo session begins at 9:30-12:00pm. You will then be able to leave for lunch or shopping or even a nap if you chose. At 2pm, you will return for your reveal and order appointment. 

11. Can I bring someone with me?

 While I am all for bringing a support system, it can deter us from getting to know each other. During our pre-consultation and session, I prefer it to be one on one because it gives us a chance to discuss the vision for your session and relax during. I do allow you to bring a friend or significant other to your reveal and order session as long as they are aware of the pricing before hand and are a support system. (no nay-sayers or mean girl besties)

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