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Some questions

First - I LOVE Boudoir Photography!

Since having my own experience 3 years ago, I have dedicated my time to giving every woman the same amazing self love experience.

Second- There are so many questions to ask when choosing a boudoir photographer so here's a few answers to get you started.

What is included?

Your session fee ($350) includes: a pre-session consultation (in person or on the phone), prep guides, professional hair and make-up, 2 hour session, same-day image reveal and ordering session.

What should I wear?

Whatever you want! But seriously. You receive a Wardrobe guide that helps you pick out what makes you feel like a badass. I recommend you bring 4-5 outfit choices that we will talk about and decide what works best. Or if you are feeling extra feisty - go topless or au naturel.

I'm nervous! I want to lose weight. I'm awkward/too old/don't know how to be sexy.

Girl. I feel you 100%! I've been there. You are amazing the way you are! I'm here to help bring out the inner Siren. She's there and always has been. If you want to lose some extra weight, fine - it's not necessary - go ahead and book your shoot as your reward for hitting your goal!

What about posing? I'm not a model.

Me either! But I've studied posing techniques that are perfect for you regardless of body type or weight. Oh, and I'll demonstrate the poses for you - so you can see exactly what it looks like.

Do you Photoshop/retouch images?

Yes- and no. I remove anything that isn't permanent (acne, bruises, cuts/scrapes, etc). I don't re-shape/slim your body or remove wrinkles, scars, tattoos, cellulite, or stretch marks. I do use outfit choices and posing to help with any of the above issues.

Will you share my images online?

Nope! Your images are completely safe. I only use images from clients that have signed a model release which is optional but never requested.

When will I see/receive my images?

You will get to see your images the same day! Heck yeah. I offer same day reveal and ordering sessions. And once your order is paid for in full, it's about 3 weeks to receive your products. So simple!

Do you offer payment plans?

For your $350 session fee, you pay $100 to secure your date and the remainder is due at your pre-session consultation. For products, you can choose our Pre-Payment plan, PayPal Credit, or 3-month Payment plan. (Both Pre-Payment and PayPal credit are considered paid-in-full to receive additional discounts)

When should I book?

Right now! But really, as soon as you are ready. If you have an occasion you want them done by, plan accordingly. Your consultation should be done about 3 weeks ahead of time and also products take about 3 weeks to arrive. I have several ladies who book exactly a few weeks before their session date and others who have booked several months to a year a head of time. Only you can decide, when you are ready to embrace your inner Siren.

How do I book?

That's so easy -

Do you photograph couples or men?

Not currently. But I can provide a list of amazing photographers in the area who do amazing work with both.

Can I bring someone to my session?

I allow you to bring one person to your reveal. If they are responsible for any portion of the payment, they will need to receive a copy of the pricing before your ordering session. Make sure you bring someone who will hype you up and be your supporter 100%. Nothing upsets me more than someone who brings down the excitement of your images.

So why Silverpoint Boudoir, for your intimate images?

There are a lot of boudoir photographers in the area, so I want you to choose the photographer who fits you best. There are several factors such as experience, talent, style, and price.

I offer hair and make up complimentary to your session. Also don't worry about having to book a hotel or AirBNB - your session will take place at my Murfreesboro studio.

My slogan and goal is to Unleash the Siren. I love helping women embrace their inner goddess and see her shine with their own eyes.

I am a full service photographer who will assist you the entire way.


All images are copy-write by Silverpoint Boudoir.


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