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Flashback to the beginning | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

As an entrepreneur and artist, having moments of self-doubt are just part of the process. And my go-to pick me up is to remind myself WHY I got myself into this business. This time I want to revisit my first boudoir session.

Silverpoint Boudoir, Nashville Boudoir Photographer
Make up by April Inman

M – that’s what we will call the amazing and lovely Siren that agreed to be my boudoir guinea pig – had been through a lot that year and was rebuilding. And most of all she was trusting me to dive her a little confidence boost.

We managed to secure a room at Opryland Hotel in Nashville during Labor Day weekend. The room was gorgeous; they really have done an amazing job updating and redecorating since the destructive flood of 2010.

Silverpoint Boudoir, Nashville Boudoir Photographer
M 2016

Silverpoint Boudoir, Nashville Boudoir Photographer
M in Opryland Suite

Our HMU artist, April, was able to create an old Hollywood glam look while we sipped wine and talked about everything!

Remember this was before I knew anything about wardrobe or posing, so the whole day was us just playing and experimenting with what makes us feel confident and sexy. How do we get out of our heads and create something that breaks through our own barriers? It’s simple and complicated: no expectations.

Silverpoint Boudoir, Nashville Boudoir Photographer
Old Hollywood Glam

Silverpoint Boudoir, Nashville Boudoir Photographer
M giving good face

I was getting to realize my newest photography dream: boudoir. And M was getting to let go of some of the baggage she had been carrying. She was amazing! Happily trying any idea for posing and even throwing out her own ideas that really showcased her personality. Taking photos of women laughing and in their element, became everything to me.

Every time I look back on these images, I am reminded of the amazing time we had – the girl talk during hair and make-up, the REAL talk when it came to outfit choices, and the hilarious “try being sexy” conversations when we realized being sexy isn’t a command. It’s a feeling and an attitude. It’s when you own your shit regardless of how you feel about it.

This was the session that made me a boudoir photographer. She was the first Siren and while I doubt she really understands it, she’s a big part of my “Why?”

Silverpoint Boudoir, Nashville Boudoir Photographer
Relaxed but fierce

Silverpoint Boudoir, Nashville Boudoir Photographer
A favorite from this set

I am a boudoir photographer because this experience is unlike anything else. Being able to be completely yourself without judgement. Giving other women a place to demand the attention they want in what ever way they want. Allowing them the space to embrace everything they love about themselves without feeling like they must be something specific.

Boudoir isn’t just sexy photos for your significant other. It’s owning your own body and sexuality in whatever way you chose without shame or doubt.


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