Random Facts

I know hiring a photographer can be tough these days... I mean everyone knows someone or knows someone who knows someone. And how do you choose a photographer who will be taking intimate photos of you?

My favorite part of being a full service photographer is getting to know all clients before the session at our consultation. But if you are still searching for your photographer maybe learning a thing or two about me will help you decide if I am the right fit for you.


I've always loved pineapples, but in 2007 I was introduced to fresh pineapple and my world has never been the same. I have been gifted some amazing pineapple shaped jewelry, decor, bags, and even a onesie!


I have a serious pen obsession. I've learned that many people have a favorite type of pen, and I am no different ( what up .38mm! ). But I LOVE writing on paper. Technology is amazing for what it can do but nothing helps me get my thoughts out as well as writing them down.


I cannot stand doing the dishes. ( I still wash everything by hand because I don't trust my dishwasher. ) But any time I am doing the dishes, it's my time to shine. My kitchen becomes my own stage and I am singing as loud as possible. It's legit the only way those pesky dishes are getting done.


I love tattoos. It took me until I was 25 to get my first one, couldn't decide what I wanted to commit myself to but since I understand the addiction. I love photographing tattoo'd babes even more!

5. THAT 70s SHOW

I have watched it countless times and cannot get enough of it. When I was younger I thought I identified with Donna or Jackie... But now - I definitely identify with Kitty. The perks of being grown up and "mature". Please tell me your favorite character!


Like most kids I was prone to falling off my bike... but crashing at the end of my street was a particularly common thing for me. One two separate accidents, I scrapped my knees up badly resulting in identical scars on both knees. It's one of my favorite "flaws" about my body.


I really believe in being kind to yourself and doing something for yourself. Once a month I get my nails and hair done. It's a simple but effective way to give myself a boost. For years I put others ahead of myself and made sure they were comfortable in their lifestyles, while ignoring my own needs or wants. So I decided to make sure I did something for myself at least once a month.


Chef Bethany here! My comfort food is cheese... and bread. So when I need a pick me up I fire up the skillet and butter me some bread. But don't be fooled, the regular American Cheese isn't for this girl. Give me some provolone and roast beef, mozzarella and pepperoni, or spinach-artichoke dip. The sky is the limit.


I started writing a book years ago. Once upon a time ( hehe ) it was a dream of mine to be a writer. I still have the outline and first chapter of that book... I toy with the idea of starting it back up during my down time.


I wish I were mysterious, but talk too much. Comfortable or nervous - I fill the silence with chatter. I feel like conversation helps make others comfortable and that's a big deal for me. Feeling uncomfortable in new situations is something I hate, so I want to make sure no one feels that way with me.

Are those facts you want to know about your photographer? Eh. They might not be important facts about my ability and skill to take your photos, but I hope they are things that help you relate to me as a person.

Boudoir is a intimate and vulnerable experience so knowing who is behind the camera should be part of your research. Is your photographer someone you can relate to? What level of comfort do you want to be at during your session?

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